Are you as good as you think you are?

Confidence is a wonderful thing, especially when you know your stuff!

You might not feel as if you need any further knowledge on a given topic, but are you really as good as you think you are?  How do you tell? Wait until somebody points it out to you?

A better way would be to self-assess. This allows you to explore your capabilities in your own time and identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Champions is the best self-assessment tool available.  Not only is it a fun and engaging experience, but you can get useful reports which will analyse your performance and show you where you could improve.  Work only on those areas that need it and learn faster, smarter.  Now THAT’S something to give you confidence!

Champions – Be the best, Show the world

ABOUT Champions:
Where gamification meets education. Champions™ is an education game platform, built specifically to help you be smarter, faster. Powered by the global community, Champions™ enables anyone to create and play amazing QuizGames™ in friendly competition against other players in real time. QuizGames on any topic, become part of a global, free library and ever growing knowledge base! Champions™ brings fun into schools and businesses with multiplayer competitions that is revolutionizing user engagement.

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Hiring the right person for the job: capability assessment


Recruitment can be difficult even for the most experienced employers. You want somebody who understands your industry, has the relevant experience, has the right personality to fit right into your team and will enhance your business with their skills. How do you find that person?   You could go about it the old fashioned way, advertise the job and invite applicants to send letters and resumes.  Then you somehow need to cull those down to only the most appropriate applicants to interview.  Then there’s the long and arduous process of interviewing.  There must be a simpler way! There IS a simpler way: Champions.  Using the Champions tool, you can customise a QuizGame that covers all the aspects of the vacant position that are important to you. Invite your applicants to play, and save time and money by finding out how much they know before you interview them. Narrowing your search is effective and will get you closer to finding THAT person.


Learning faster and smarter with Champions for Education

Teachers do an amazing job with limited tools. Somehow they need to educate as well as track the progress of their students…..and they need to keep the students engaged! Champions can do all of this and offers the ultimate economical solution for modern education. Understanding the varying levels of competency for every member in the classroom can be very difficult, but with Champions it’s simple to assess the capabilities of students in a way that is comfortable and fun. Teachers can collect data that is relevant, accurate and instant. Teaching can then be targeted to the student’s individual level and tracking results is as easy as generating a customised report. Teachers can collaborate with each other to produce effective assessments that cover all aspects of the curriculum. Finally, a way to make learning fun and the Teacher’s job easier!
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Training your team and investing in your future

Updating your team’s skills is a critical success factor for your business. Ongoing training is essential to ensure your professional reputation and the quality of your products and services. You need to keep up with new technologies and standards. How can you identify knowledge gaps within your organisation?  How do you identify the person who is most capable?   If only there was some way to assess the current level of capability, it would then be possible to target the training your organisation needs and save money in the process.

With Champions you can send out targeted QuizGames to your team which will help to identify their strengths and weaknesses in any given area.  You’ll get detailed reports allowing you to customise any further training and make the most out of your budget.  Having an accurate picture of your organisation’s capability will help you win more contracts too as it can form an important part of a tender to make you stand out from your competitors.

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Create your own game

The ability to make your own QuizGame on Champions just got even better! Now you can create a game on any topic you like, including industry-related topics, entertainment, education and even popular culture.  Hot right now are QuizGames based on cult TV shows.

We love to discuss our favorite scenes and quotes from classic comedy shows such as Seinfeld, but who really knows what they are talking about? Well now you can find out! Prepare your own QuizGame and include short scenes from the show, screenshots, soundbites and throw in a few trick questions too. Delve into character profiles and see just how much your friends really know.  You might be surprised. Along the way, you’ll become an expert on the topic too.   Get started now and share the finished product on Facebook for maximum participation.

Popular right now in the Champions library: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones and Starwars.   Play a game first and get some great ideas before you create your own.