Create your own game

The ability to make your own QuizGame on Champions just got even better! Now you can create a game on any topic you like, including industry-related topics, entertainment, education and even popular culture.  Hot right now are QuizGames based on cult TV shows.

We love to discuss our favorite scenes and quotes from classic comedy shows such as Seinfeld, but who really knows what they are talking about? Well now you can find out! Prepare your own QuizGame and include short scenes from the show, screenshots, soundbites and throw in a few trick questions too. Delve into character profiles and see just how much your friends really know.  You might be surprised. Along the way, you’ll become an expert on the topic too.   Get started now and share the finished product on Facebook for maximum participation.

Popular right now in the Champions library: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones and Starwars.   Play a game first and get some great ideas before you create your own.

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