Hiring the right person for the job: capability assessment


Recruitment can be difficult even for the most experienced employers. You want somebody who understands your industry, has the relevant experience, has the right personality to fit right into your team and will enhance your business with their skills. How do you find that person?   You could go about it the old fashioned way, advertise the job and invite applicants to send letters and resumes.  Then you somehow need to cull those down to only the most appropriate applicants to interview.  Then there’s the long and arduous process of interviewing.  There must be a simpler way! There IS a simpler way: Champions.  Using the Champions tool, you can customise a QuizGame that covers all the aspects of the vacant position that are important to you. Invite your applicants to play, and save time and money by finding out how much they know before you interview them. Narrowing your search is effective and will get you closer to finding THAT person.

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