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Champions┬« is an online learning and assessment tool utilizing ‘gamification’ and friendly competition to assist in education. The system incorporates numerous innovative solutions and is designed to grow into a knowledge database and loyal community. Above all, Champions is addictively fun to use.
Anyone can join and become a Member for free. Members get their own customized dashboard and can easily design their own Topics and QuizGames which can be shared on the Champions Library for others to play. Members can also share their Quizgames with their friends on Facebook so they can play and compare results. Members can use Champions to get smarter and even advance their careers as Champions detailed reporting helps guide each Member into further study on Topics that interest them.
Teacher Members can design QuizGames within and directly tied to Primary, Secondary School or University Curriculums with full system reporting across all levels. QuizGames become part of the ever growing Champions® Library and can be rated, shared and utilized by all schools throughout Australia. Teachers can create online assessments or play live classroom QuizGames and track the progress of each of their students in any subject throughout the students education.
Business managers can use Champions to assess or benchmark their staff or entire workforces. Detailed statistical data comparing all the results is available which assists in making better business decisions.